Professional Development

At Augusta Health, you’ll find a community of professionals committed to your success and dedicated to advancing the field of nursing. We fully support our nurses as the heart of our health system and provide numerous opportunities for additional experience, advancement, and education.

Clinical Ladder

Augusta Health is proud to offer the AH Nursing Professional Development Program (NPDP) to our nurses who aspire to elevate their individual practice and drive our health system forward. This program places our nurses’ clinical practice and skill at the core of their professional development and recognition. The program also provides our nurses with opportunities to advance based on their refined clinical skills, highly developed assessment abilities, certification in their specialty area, and advanced education through obtaining a BSN or MSN.


We help our nurses earn and renew their certifications. With the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s SuccessPays program, nurses are given two opportunities to achieve certification, instead of just one. We know that certification exams can be stressful, and we are here to support our nurses in this process.

Nursing Residency Program

We offer a Nursing Residency Program for recent nursing graduates, in partnership with Vizient. Our innovative program aids nurses in the transition from school to clinical bedside practice while building confidence and skills. The comprehensive program includes an evidence-based curriculum, a final project, and interactive exercises.

Programs for Students

We are happy to host students from numerous schools in the region and support them on their educational journey. We partner with colleges and universities in the Shenandoah Valley to host their student nurses for clinical rotations, capstone projects and more. We also offer a student nurse extern program to provide current BSN students with more clinical experience before graduation.

Internal Awards

Our nurses are special and go above and beyond to provide compassionate and quality care to our patients, and their hard work should not go unrecognized. We offer a number of internal awards to let our nurses know how special they are. The DAISY award is a partnership with healthcare organizations to provide on-going recognition of the clinical skill and compassion that nurses provide to patients and families. The PETALS Award is given to a Nursing Support partner (PCT, CNA, EMT, and/or MHW) who exemplifies extraordinary service. Nominate an exceptional nurse for a DAISY Award.

We also offer Nursing Excellence Awards in partnership with the Shared Governance Council and the AH Foundation. Award recipients are honored with recognition and a scholarship for continuing education or professional development. These awards include: Nurse of the Year, Nurse Support Staff Member of the Year, and Nurse Leader of the Year.

At Augusta Health we celebrate National Nurses Week to its fullest, with giveaways, nurse recognitions, planned activities, and more. We are indebted to our wonderful nurses and work hard to make them feel special this week, and the rest of the year.