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Stronger Together

Our family of nurses is the beating heart of the care we provide. Our nursing department fosters a supportive environment of shared governance that ensures every voice is heard. From the bedside nurse to our Chief Nursing Officer, we work together to combine contemporary methods with timeless values to deliver a special kind of care to our patients.


There are all sorts of families. Some you’re born into. Others you find along the way.
And then there’s the family you choose.

Augusta Health is a community-based independent health system located in the heart of Virginia’s vibrant and beautiful Shenandoah Valley. From our main campus in Fishersville to our specialty clinics throughout the valley and beyond, we’re known for the expert and compassionate care we deliver to every patient in an environment that’s both positive and safe.

Our focus is cultivating the true heart of nursing through an intentional focus on healing our community with empathy, skill, and knowledge through a holistic approach that sees not only symptoms and conditions, but the person behind them.

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Crystal Farmer


Senior Vice President,

"I stay at this hospital because it's not just a healthcare institution; it's the heartbeat of our community. Our nursing team is a family, dedicated to exceptional patient care and supporting each other. Here, nurses are valued, celebrated, and empowered to grow professionally, making it the ideal place for those who want to make a meaningful difference in healthcare."

Vickie Taylor


Assistant Vice President
and Assistance Chief
Nursing Officer

"As I ponder on why I have chosen to stay with Augusta Health for more than 30 years, there are so many reasons. However with much thought, I can narrow these reasons to my top three…. - Culture of Augusta Health- we have something really special. It’s hard to describe but I know it’s special: the people are special, the environment is special, and the number of relationships I have are so special to me. - Growth and opportunities- I have been blessed to be considered for advancement in nursing leadership throughout the years and opportunities to grow my skill through obtaining my DNP and other conferences. - Purpose in my work- the ability to serve and connect with our community at their most vulnerable times, this really aligns with my innermost values."

Stephanie Gedeon


Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

"Augusta Health feels like home. As a nurse leader who joined the organization in 2021, I could feel how this organization truly lives its mission... to care for the community. That community extends not only beyond the buildings, but also to all of its team members. I made this transition and stay because of the people, the way we are able to care for our community and each other with the support of leadership and the board. Augusta Health is a gem... It's the family I choose."

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